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Six Sunflowers

Moon Plantable Gift Tag

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Add on an extra gift that they can grow!

Seed paper gift tag with a smiley moon illustration to match our space wrapping paper.

🌻 plantable gift tag
🌱 wildflower seed mix of Sweet Alyssum, Poppy, Baby’s Breath & Rudbeckia
🌈 matching ribbon tie
👩‍🌾 planting guide on back


We print and cut all of our plantables by hand, and due to the rustic nature of seed paper, no two can be exactly the same... sometimes there can be small imperfections, but this just makes them more unique! 😉

🌍 planet friendly

Our plantable seed papers are tree-free! Made instead from 100% pre-consumer waste cotton that's packed full with bee-friendly seeds. When planted, the paper degrades naturally in the soil before growing into colourful and sweet smelling wildflowers that bees and other pollinators love! Posted to you in plastic free packaging that's fully recyclable/compostable after use.

  • 🌳


  • 🧵

    recycled cotton paper

  • 🐝

    bee friendly

  • 🌱

    wildflower seeds

bee-friendly seed paper plantable

🌱 plant more, save the bees 🐝

Where would be without bees?! Those little buzzy guys are so vital in protecting our planet's eco-system. We depend on them to pollinate trees, flowers, fruit and veg crops. Without pollination, plants wouldn't make more seeds, which means no more new plants. So by planting more flowers, we can help bees out by giving them the food and energy they need to carrying on pollinating.

save the bees = protect wildlife habitats + food crops ✌